September 2018 travel and making connections

Pastel USA Closing ceremony — I was able to attend the Pastel Society of the West Coast closing ceremonies on September 16, it was a treat to meet a gallery full of pastel painters, hear about their work and just network. It seemed that most of the artists I talked with meet with others on a regular basis to paint plein air, providing support, feedback and encouragement. Membership in both the PSWC the Northwest Pastel Society is helping to form some great connections with other pastel artists. NWPS member show opens on October 20 and I’m looking forward to attending another reception!

Annual pastel painting retreat — After I returned from Morro Bay I got on the road to western Montana at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains to paint for 5 days with my friend Shahar. Driving there and back was beautiful, and painting together was great. Getting up to speed again the first couple days, steady growth after that. I haven’t posted new work yet, I’ve been catching up on design work deadlines, but I plan to add new work to this site before the end of October.